Basic Parts of a Transmission

November 1, 2010 by · 49 Comments 

Basic Parts of a Transmission While there are many, many little parts inside, your transmission is essentially made up of a few key parts of systems. Bell Housing: This is the cone shaped metal case that you can see when you peek underneath your car. If you have a front-wheel-drive car it’s stuck on the […]

Car Maintenance And Repairs

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Driving an automobile is a luxury that most of us take for granted.  Automobiles are the primary means of transportation in United States, with ninety percent of American adults owning or previously owning a car or truck.  What we don’t realize is that operating a car or truck is a responsibility that can bring serious […]

Subaru Performance Transmission Upgrades

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There is probably a transmission shop in almost every town in the country that can build a bulletproof transmission for American made vehicles. Whether it is a late model Mustang or a 60’s Chevelle, there are lots of aftermarket components and many years of technology available for the transmission rebuilder to utilize. The same cannot […]

BMW “No Reverse” Transmission Problem

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An automatic transmission is just that- automatic, consequently most people tend to pay very little attention to it until a major problem rears its ugly head. Picture the scenario- you are driving along in the lap of luxury, the satellite radio blaring and the heated seats on. You’ve become accustomed to the comfort level and […]

Is Your Automatic Transmission Working Okay?

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The automatic transmission system is simply one kind of transmission system for a car or vehicle. The other type is the manual transmission system. Now, the main difference between the two is that with the automatic transmission system, you would not have to change your gear ratios for the system would do the thing for […]

Free Local Towing

Free Local Towing

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Free local towing not available in all areas, call for details. We feature a state-of-the-art facility and a staff of ASTG-certified Seattle transmission mechanics that can repair and rebuild all new and used transmissions. At Barr Transmission, we recognize that the customer comes first, which is why we offer free local towing. Our convenient location […]