When it comes to fixing my car I would rather shoot my self. I had transmission problem and called Barr Transmission and talked to Mark he said it sounded like an easy fix to come by and he would look at it. I came by and had Mark look at it. It was some small part took him less than 10 min to fix it and he said just pay for the part and send me some customers LOL. I asked how much he said the part is $1.29 so how about $1.50 can a customer with some real transmission problem. I was so happy that I am telling everyone to go see Barr Transmission in Seattle.‎


My car was already in the Barr shop when the review below popped up. Needless to say I was worried! So I simply asked “Mark” about it. Turns out in the 4 years since this guy had his problems Barr has been taken over by another fellow whose name also happens to be Mark, an unfortunate coincidence for him! He did an amazing job on my son’s ’79 El Camino, not only rebuilding the worn out tranny, but fixing the mystery oil leak from hell that had been going on …. forever! Fair price, not a dime over the estimate, fast, competent and very friendly. As a single mom I’m glad to have found a shop I can trust.‎


Barr Transmission recently did a full transmission rebuild for me. Mark at Barr was great to work with. He kept me in the loop during the diagnostic and repair process and provided a couple different repair options. My impression is that they are not the cheapest option but I didn’t shop around to verify. I am very pleased with Mark’s communication and the work he did was top notch. The rebuilt transmission works as new and has a good warranty as well. Highly recommended. One initial point of confusion for me is that Barr Transmission shares shop and office space with another transmission shop. The other shop’s name is the one that appears on the building. I don’t know what the relation the businesses have but from my experience they appear to operate separately though out of the same space.‎


I was suprised when my car broke down last week and I called Barr. They came and towed me in a very quick manner. They were very professional and got my car fixed very quickly!! I am very pleased with their work and will without a doubt go back!‎


I need my clutch and transmission fixed. Was looking around for a place to go that i knew i could find a good deal, and of course was quoted WAY to high for me. But then i came across Barr Transmission last week they fixed my car and for what they quoted me and not a dollar higher. Thanks Barr Transmission for you help!!!


I flat out didn’t believe the other reviews for barr transmission. I went there on a recommendation to have the transmission rebuilt in my wife’s van. I received nothing but the best, most courteous, and professional service. That same transmission now has 2 years and many thousands of miles on it and i don’t have problems and complains. 5 starr


On a hot August day, my wife and 3 year old needed some help as it had been very stressful. Mark Barr treated us as if we were old friends and provided very sound options for our transmission troubles. He is a pro and pays a great deal of attention to his customers.


My car broke down last saturday night about 11 pm and I called the after hours number and they actullay answered the phone i was so shocked!!! But they towed my car and got me a rental until mine was done. It was done in 2 days which they though it would take longer really glad that I found them they have been a great help i definitly will save there number.

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I took my car to Barr transmission in Seattle after a friend told me that they took good care of his wife. I came in the door and with a smile Kenny asked how he could help me. I told him my problem he said it would take 2 days. He then asked if I needed a ride and gave me a ride to Bellevue to work. Two days later he called me and said it was ready. I got to the shop and a man named Mark had my car ready to go and the bill was under the dollar amount they told me.